Arne Bock

I started playing trumpet at a early age, at the time I was born my whole family was playing brass instruments, so there was plenty of music going on at home.
Still a todler, I was alowed to bang the intro for a famous march on the bass drum in the local scout orchestra, my 2 brothers and my sister where playing  trumpets, my mom was on baritone horn and my dad on trombone. The intro went something like Bum! Bum! BumBum! I was somewhere between 1 and 3 years old and VERY proud.....

When I was around 12 years old my brother was playing saxophone and started to get into jazz music, he was a big inspiration for me. He started sending copy's of the tapes he got from his teacher back home to me, this started a life long love for jazz and a musical quest I am still happily exploring. In 1999, I  went to study jazztrumpet at 'Het Koninklijke Conservatorium' in The Hague, NL. My main teachers where Eric Vloeimans, Jarmo Hogendijk and Ack Van Rooyen. I graduated with a bachelor degree in 2004. I then went on  to study sound engineering and graduated in 2008 with a bacehlor degree in sound engineering.

Over the last years, I have  had the chance to play with many great artists and in many different formations and styles of music from Jazz, funk, salsa, pop  to contemporary classical music and folk music ensembles. Below is a list of some of my current projects and bands with whom I perform regulary. If you want to know more about my actvities as a sound engineer, please visit: www.arnebockmusic.com